“You know what I wish for?” at the German TV MDR

This shortfilm of mine is shown on German TV. It shows difficult times and the need for communication independent from politics. It is based on a. true story, can be viewed until the 13 of March 2021. https://www.ardmediathek.de/ard/video/kurzfilme/weisst-du-was-ich-mir-wuensche/mdr-fernsehen/Y3JpZDovL21kci5kZS9iZWl0cmFnL2Ntcy83ZmEwMTNiYy1iNDRkLTQ4YzAtYWY2My03ZDgzOGNkMzc1ODQ/

Gegensteine in Brazil

GEGENSTEINE won at the Ar r a i a l Cinefest, Porto Seguro, Brazil on 06.03.2018 Gegensteine @ Ar r a i a l Cinefest  

Rituals in Brasov

RITUALS is selected for Brasov International Film Festival & Market, Romania  14.09.2017 -24.09.2017 Rituals @ Brasov International Film Festival & Market    

Rituals in Nancy

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RITUALS is selected for Festival International du Filme de Nancy, France 25.08.2017-3.09.2017 Rituals @ festival du film Nancy